Dear 10,000th fan

The first blog post is usually something that doesn’t deserve to be read. Who cares about why someone unknown starts writing the billionth unknown blog of the world?

But well, maybe it is a tradition, maybe the first post is something your 10000th fan will be eager to read when he’s tracking back your story and write a biography about you.

Thus, my dear 10,000th fan, here is the story behind this famous blog.

I’m really excited about the tech world, and in particular about the UX movement (can UX be called a “movement”?). I really think that tech is now evolved enough to stop thinking about how to impress people and to start caring about how to help them, really. It’s time for all of us (programmers, designers, IT technicians, etc.) to step down from our over complex podium and see how we can really matter in the lives of our beloved users giving them software and gadgets that treat them as friends, as humans, as someone to help and not to trick or ignore.

So, is this just ANOTHER blog about UX, that will dissect AGAIN the new iOS icon set and its typography? Will I enrich the Internet with my bags of 2 cents bragging about how I really care about flat design, or pointing out that maybe skeumorphism was something we really needed not to be scared by our own devices?

Yes. No, I’m kidding of course. The truth is that I think that UX can have a bigger role in our life than determine the future of Helvetica Neue in the mobile world or ban leather-like textures from our screens.

I’m convinced that UX should come out from gadgets and screens to put its flag in every aspect of life. And I’m not talking about industrial design, which is part of classical UX, in fact. I’m talking about using UX in politics, in policies, in laws, for example. We could use UX to improve our life in every aspect, I believe. In this sense I talk about a UX movement.

So, this blog will be in fact about anything that interests me, with a main focus on UX in a wide meaning. Do you like the idea?

Well, if you really are my 10,000th fan I bet you do.