I’m a software designer based in Modena, Italy. I’m CEO of DM Digital, a web and mobile software company with design and usability in mind.
User Experience is one of my main interests, and I’m working hard to improve my skills and experience in this field.

But well, how did I get here?

I was born in 1984 in a little town in the country, and my first contact with IT was when I was 5, and my father brought home a Commodore 64 (which I still have – perfectly working). I played a lot with it, but I was completely fascinated by the user manual that came with it: a complete and straightforward guide to BASIC. I wrote my first program when I was 6 – the classic roll-the-dice game – but I fell in love with programming only 5 years later, when I mastered the DOS bash and wrote a little program to test Italian language skills. It really was a simple program, but I brought it at school, and one of my classmates got so impressed that he showed it to his father… Who happened to be one of the few programmers of Modena at that time. When my friend came to my house the next week, his father gave me a copy of Turbo Pascal 5, telling me “with this, you can have your CPU do everything you want”. That was the most inspiring thing that I had ever heard.

I bought a Pascal manual, ate it, and started writing programs with it. I started high school, and my classmates still remember me for binging a home-made Wall Street simulator to the Computer Science class. Then, I got a copy of Borland Delphi, and started writing native Windows applications. I loved writing business apps (first for my father office, then for a local Nokia reseller) and Artificial Intelligence test apps.

I started university in 2003, and got involved in a local no-profit organization and started writing software for them with my college friend Marco. One of our software really hit it, and started to be requested from all over Italy. We started a company, DM Digital, and started selling it and broaden the IT services we offered.
After graduating from university with a Masters Degree in Computer Science, in 2009, I started working full time from home, and in 2 years we opened a spacious office in our local town.
In 2012 we incorporated as a limited company bringing in a couple of partners, and I assumed the role of CEO and software designer. During the summer of 2012 we launched a spin-off startup, Inbooki, winning some awards in Italy.

The last couple of years were mind-blowing for me. I have the luck to work with a team with great programmers and designers. I realized how mediocre often IT is, especially in Italy, and I’ve grown an intense will to change it with my team. I became fascinated by UX, and I dived deep in literature, deepening my knowledge of Interaction Design, Usability, Testing and Software Development Patterns.

IT is not my only interest (although it surely is my greatest passion). I love photography (you an find me on 500px: http://500px.com/dgrassi84), I am a Juventus FC fan, I play the guitar and I’m deeply interested (and sorely concerned) in Italian politics.